Clean Screenshots

Dear Zwift team,

it would be awesome to have the possibility to take a clean screenshot whenever you want.

In my eyes F11 would be perfect for it since F10 is the option to take a normal screenshot, but I know thatfor some reason F11 & F12 aren’t used. Actually don’t know why, maybe some keyboards haven’t those keys. In that case maybe ZML (suggestion of Mark Hewitt) could be an option. Or STRG-F10?

Anyway; the Zwift screenshots are very fine, but the only possibility for taking a clean screenshot is the very first one and only when you activated Automatic Upload. First of all: the first one doesn’t have to be the best one. Ad secundum: I want to convince my friends of the advantages of Zwift and also the beautiful landscapes; sometimes those are a little spoilt by riding informations. A clean screenshot would be much more convincing sometimes.

Anyway, the possibility to take them anytime you want would be fab!

Ride on!

Yours, Wolf

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I can’t understand why Zwift doesn’t generate a clean screen shot from every pic along with the cluttered screen.  It does just that for the first pic so why not them all?  No need for a separate button to press, just add the clean pic along with the normal cluttered pic as it does the first pic.

But either way, separate button or just double pic, clean and cluttered, i would really like the feature as well.

Voted up!  :smiley:

Would be great to know how to do this.