Clean screenshots should be really clean

Sometimes, we get a completely clean screenshot, like this:

That’s great!

But sometimes, an otherwise clean screenshot gets spoilt by a random powerup icon or nameplate. For example:

Personally, I’d prefer those UI elements to also be removed from clean screenshots. The main point to me of them is to create an attractive “photograph” from a ride, and they spoil the effect.

That will be nice. I use the clean screen shots as my windows background, so not having power ups or names will be nice.


Some of the best shots are the really long shots that you sometimes get when the camera pans right out to give a great scenic shot.
I took some long shots today on the Jungle Route but I don’t know how to show them to you. Any tips for someone who is somewhat technically challenged. I’m not saying they are worth looking at though… LOL

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If you have any image view that enable you so “copy” the image, you can just paste them directly into a post here. It’s Ctrl +V on a PC for example.

Alternatively you can click/tap this icon when editing a reply:


It’ll bring up a dialog box where you can browse for an image to upload.

Hi Daren,
thanks for the info.
One more question. My Zwift shots used to get sent to my MacBook but they don’t seem to anymore. Have you got any ideas why that might be?

I’m afraid not. If you pressed the icon on your phone they should be there though.

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Cheers Daren I’ll check my phone.

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