Introducing Hide Display Mode [April 2021]

With this week’s game release v.1.12.0, you can hide the heads-up display (HUD) and immerse yourself in a pure, unobstructed view.

How? First - update your game app to version 1.12.x! For iOS and AppleTV you may have to manually update in the App Store if you’ve disabled auto-update. For Android - visit the Play Store.

There are three ways to hide / show the display:

  1. With a keyboard - press and hold the “H” key.
  2. Pull up the action bar by clicking anywhere on the screen. Click the rectangular icon.
  3. No keyboard or mouse? Press and hold the rectangular icon in Zwift Companion.

Two things to note:

  • Hiding the display hides the chat dialog. If you have friends in the game with you - they won’t know when you go into radio silence, so give them a heads up!

  • Hide Display is disabled in Workouts because seeing your power targets is crucial in ERG mode.

More information about the Heads Up Display is on our Support Hub


A quick keyboard press of H works fine for me, without holding. :+1:


Great feature - in particular for us weirdos who use Zwift with another app in parallel. I don’t need the HUD, I already have my data in TR.


Do we need a Companion update for this?

Nope, works already.


The first person view (camera 3) is mega with this. I’ve never been too keen on it but without the UI it’s so much more immersive. :sunglasses:


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If you take a screenshot with the HUD hidden is it also hidden in your screenshot?

Yep. You get native resolution fully clean screenshots (plus the usual ‘clean’ copy at 1080p). It’s great stuff, I’ll post a few up in a bit.


You can do that already. Zwift save 2 photos one with and one without the HUD. When saving just click the top right of the picture and it will remove the HUD.


Yeah but if you run the game in 4k, the screenshot is only 1080p - so this is great, I can finally get a decent wallpaper!

One ride done and I really like this, with the first person view in particular. I know you’ve always been able to get it to work by changing the prefs file but the convenience of being able to flick it on and off is great. It really opens up the view - you don’t realise how much of the screen is taken up by the UI until it’s gone - and allows you to see so much more of your surroundings. The game artists must be feeling good about this. :smile:

I also like little things such as the fact the direction options are gone. So with a route selected you come up to some intersections without knowing where you’re going to go which is kinda fun. :rofl:

And as mentioned above, we can finally take some really nice screenshots at native resolution. Here’s a few I took tonight.

Click for bigger

Well done devs, this is a great feature. Just need to fix the launcher now. :wink:


Clicking in and out of this a few times tonight, it looks nice.

However, when I wanted to leave the ride, at which point I had all the HU stuff including the power/HR graph at the bottom, the “menu” button seems to have lost its always-on-top function… I couldn’t see it to click out until I hid the HU again.

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I used this for my ToW Stage 5 ride today.

It was nice to be riding more “on feel”, and caring less about who was catching me, their W/kg or my position in the ride, whether I had a power-up etc. etc.

It was jarring when I finished the ride and my HUD reappeared. If I’ve turned it off, it should stay off when I exit the event and return to “Just Ride” mode. (I’ve yet to check if my setting persists between sessions, but on this basis I suspect not.)

This is what I’d expected to see:

But I only got that after pressing H again.

I’d prefer to have Ride On thumbs hidden too. I didn’t like getting a Ride On by not being able to see who it was from. Particularly as it might have been from a rider next to me, in which case I felt bad that I couldn’t return the Ride On. For me it’d be better to be in blissful ignorance.


is it just me, or do the edges/corners of the screen have a slight fade to black? If this is by design, what is the reason for it?

I didn’t notice any vignette in the game. The image I’ve posted above is from my Strava activity, but I don’t know if they add that.

Until your post I’ve always thought it was my monitor!

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Maybe there is then! My it’s my monitor that isn’t good enough to show it. :smiley:

Anyway, everyone go and vote for this now too:

Full screen mode FTW. :kissing_heart: