HUD Customisation

(Dave Brown) #1

Would really like to be able to customise the HUD to choose what to show and what not to show and move the components around.

In a workout for example I don’t need to know who the other riders around me are, whereas for a group ride or race I do. It would be nice to be able to toggle it on or off or replace it with different information, for example a Pedal Stroke analysis graph for trainers that support it like the Tacx Neo or just free up some screen space for a better view of the world. Same for the mini map. On a workout I don’t care where on a course I am. In a race or group ride it’s much more useful.

Ability to customize the size of each applet in main screen
Ability to clear screen of all data
(Bhaltair Gruamach (DIRT)) #2

Yes, please. I’d particularly like to be able to change/re-size/re-shape/make transparent/move the main HUD element in workout mode. This thing is like a giant billboard hanging in front of my face and blocking the view up the road.

Could we move it to the left, below the workout display?

Or make it a thin bar at the top of the screen?

Thank you!

Average Power on a ride