HUD Customisation

Would really like to be able to customise the HUD to choose what to show and what not to show and move the components around.

In a workout for example I don’t need to know who the other riders around me are, whereas for a group ride or race I do. It would be nice to be able to toggle it on or off or replace it with different information, for example a Pedal Stroke analysis graph for trainers that support it like the Tacx Neo or just free up some screen space for a better view of the world. Same for the mini map. On a workout I don’t care where on a course I am. In a race or group ride it’s much more useful.

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Yes, please. I’d particularly like to be able to change/re-size/re-shape/make transparent/move the main HUD element in workout mode. This thing is like a giant billboard hanging in front of my face and blocking the view up the road.

Could we move it to the left, below the workout display?

Or make it a thin bar at the top of the screen?

Thank you!


I totally agree with you. I’m using a very expensive Plasma screen and I’m getting screen retention issues, using Zwift. I’ve resorted to using the minimal UI hack and my phone as a dashboard, but this has limitations and drawbacks and of course it’s not supported.

That massive box showing wattage etc. is smack bang in the prime viewing sport and obscures a riders view of the distance. It would make much more sense to have it bottom left of screen, and even better to given people preferences on different HUD views. This surely wouldn’t take much dev work to implement.


most people are used to how data-fields work on garmin head-units - so just copy the functionality and UI-feel from there?


Yes, this, please Zwift!

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I would love this.

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I wonder why one can not switch off leader boards and riders lists on PC as you can on iOS-devices (via swipe).


Thumb up for this, i would also love to get rid of this leaderboard…


Would love to have this option to remove HUD. You can use companion to see stats. Recently bought dreamscreen to further enhance the zwift experience. The issue is that dreamscreen projects backlighting on wall that uses the colors of the outer edges of screen. So instead of projecting dark for rainy rides or orange for sunset rides, it always projects blue due to the HUD. Please give us the option to toggle HUD off.


Yes please! At the moment the companion app pretty much repeats the info on the HUD. If one or the other could be customised it would be great.


I want to see ave speed, ave cadence, ave HR. Let me choose what stats I see and also let me move it on the screen to the place I want it. Thanks


Pls do


Average watts or average w/kg would be handy for leaders to try and keep rides in specified ranges.


Not sure why this isn’t a priority?

It would add to the games customisation which is where the world of gaming is travelling and what gamers are demanding.

Bumb because i’m confused either :slight_smile:
Ohh here look:


Posted a similar topic on another thread. Couldn’t agree more. In my case my head gets in the way of my projector image and the option of moving some of the graphics around would be wonderful.

Please make this happen. Would love to see Average HR when I do Endurance work!

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For me, one of the main advantages of using Zwift is that I have interesting scenery to look at whilst cycling indoors and going nowhere. However the UI - especially when doing a workout - is positioned in a way that hides most of that scenery. In fact if you take a typical workout screen the vast majority of the screen that isn’t covered-up by “nearby riders”, “min-map”, “workout intervals” and the main numbers is just a patch of boring tarmac! I would personally prefer that the numbers are at the bottom of the screen so you can see more of the environment although I appreciate that this would be a big change. So ideally, you would introduce configuration options in the settings where you could choose:
1). Where to dock the numbers (top or bottom)
2). Whether to display the mini map
3). Whether to display nearby riders


bump and again bump :pinching_hand:

Let’s face it. Zwift is raking in too much money to care and prioritize something as simple as moving a hud feature. Breaks a big part of the sense of immersion IMHO.

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