Report sensor battery level & warn when low

Most (if not all) bluetooth low energy devices include battery level in the information they broadcast.

It would be pretty handy if Zwift could check and report the battery level on paired devices and, when the battery is low, send a warning to the screen.

“Warning! The battery level on your (heart rate monitor | cadence sensor | power meter) is 10%. Consider changing the battery soon.”

Apparently TrainerRoad do this now and for ANT+ as well as BT


I’m not 100% sure that battery level is part of the ANT+ protocol (I could be wrong, I haven’t looked in a while).

It is part of the BTLE protocols.

my garmin notifies me when my power meter battery is low and that works via ANT+ so I assume it must do somewhere along the line

What power meter? Is it a Garmin Vector?

I’ve noticed that my Garmin lights, that connect using ANT+, will report power levels to my Edge 1030 … but none of my other ANT+ devices do (mostly Wahoo).

It’s possible that the Wahoo devices aren’t reporting power over ANT+ or that Garmin has created a private extension to ANT+ that included power data.

OK, I just checked the ANT+ specs again and it appears that battery level IS included in the protocol … but it’s optional.

I have the Favero Assioma DUO pedals and it is a garmin edge 1000

Great suggestion!

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