Garmin 520 edge power meter with Zwift

I have an Apple TV and Garmin 520 Edge power meter. How can I make these two work with Zwift please?

A Garmin Edge 520 is not a power meter, it is a bike computer and it cannot be used with Zwift.
To connect a Garmin device you need to bridge ANT+ over Bluetooth with either the 4iiii HRM or CABLE:

I have Garmin vector 2s pedals that send my data to the edge.

Ok, but you cannot use the Garmin Edge to bridge the signal or for anything else within Zwift.

You need to use either the CABLE or the 4iiii HRM to bridge the ANT+ signal from the pedals to the AppleTV.

Thank you Paul. I have the Viiiiiva heart rate monitor and zwift picked it up but how do my pedals? Sorry I’m new at all this

I did order an Ant stick from Garmin. Maybe that will work?

No, you need a device to grab your ANT+ signal from your pedals and send it over BT to the Apple TV. The product linked in the other post is called the “CABLE”. Confused? Me too. Why would any company call a completely wireless device a “CABLE” is beyond me.

Your Garmin Vector 2s broadcast ANT+. To get them to connect/pair to Zwift, you will need to use your Viiiiva HRM. If you do not already have the 4iiii Configuration Utility app on your phone, you should find and download it:

Next, you will need to pair your Vector 2s pedals to your Viiiiva HRM using the 4iiii app. Once this is done, exit the app. When you get to the pairing screen in Zwift, your Vectors should become an option when you go to pair power. Note: your HRM and Vectors are not going thru the app or phone to Zwift. The phone could be powered down and everything would work.

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Hi Kat, did the Garmin USB Ant+ worked with your sensors and connected to Zwift?
Thanks I have the same issue