Turbo trainer to Zwift

Hi Complete newbie here

I’ve just got a basic turbo trainer and want this to connect with zwift. I have a Garmin 520 edge which has speed and cadence sensors.

My question is, being rubbish technically, how can I get this up and running on zwift.

do I need ant+, will zwift connect to my garmin sensors etc.

any help appreciated. Thanks guys.

You will need to pair your speed and cadence sensors to Zwift on the pairing screen. If you have a power meter, then you will only need the cadence sensor. Speed sensor will be unnecessary once you pair the power meter.

What platform are you using for Zwift (e.g., Mac, PC, iPhone, etc…)? The platform and sensor capabilities will determine if you use Bluetooth or ANT+.

Hi. Thanks for your reply.

I will use iphone. I do have PC as well as Smart TV but iphone for simplicity. I take it that will be it once i pair zwift app to sensors?

I assume i just ride a little to get the sensors noticeable?

If you’re using the iPhone, you will need sensors that do Bluetooth. The iPhone does not do ANT+.

Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone, then start up the Zwift app, when you get to the pairing screen you should be able to pair the sensors. If you don’t see them, you can try riding to get them active (??). But you will need to make sure they do Bluetooth. Otherwise, you will never see them and thus be unable to pair them.

Just an FYI, you cannot connect the Garmin 520 to Zwift in any way.

Ah so i cant pair my iphone to the garmin sensors?

If thats the case then can i pair the garmin sensors to a laptop easily?

Other option would be to get cadence/speed sensors which have bluetooth but i think i’d prefer to not buy more sensors

The Garmin 520 itself does not have speed or cadence sensors. It can use GPS for speed or it can connect to a speed sensor. Likewise, the 520 can connect to a cadence sensor as well. Lastly, the 520 only supports ANT+ sensors.

Do you have cadence and speed sensors which connect/pair to your 520? If so, what kind?

Yes sensors on below link. Use ant+


You’ll need an ANT usb stick for your PC so the zwift app on PC gets speed and cadence data. You can get cheapo ones on auction sites YMMV or possibly better branded ones.
Your basic trainer will also need to be one “known” by zwift so that zwift can convert wheel speed to estimated power.

You can use your iphone with the companion app when you zwift for other in game activities but it won’t be required.

Can i do without the PC? So iphone straight to tv?

Yes, if you have Bluetooth sensors or a device to bridge the ANT+ signal to a Bluetooth devices (like CABLE or the 4iii HRM).

I have the garming HRM… take it that doesnt count.

How can i bridge Garmin sensors to Iphone? Is it possible?

With CABLE or the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM

Or you could purchase duel band sensors like Wahoo Tickr

or the new Garmin ANT+/BLE HRM

I think I have that Garmin HRM! it came with my 520 edge!

So this should connect to my iphones zwift app?

2nd question, will the HRM bridge my cadence sensors as well?

Can you clarify what you are asking. Are you referring to the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM for bridging?

No i’m referring to the garmin ant+/ble HRM…

You would need either the 4iiii HRM or the CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to the iPhone. You cannot connect the 520 to Zwift in any way.

Okay to confirm:

I can use my garmin 520 and sensors (cadence and HRM)… use a CABLE which will link the performance to IPhone.

I have a lightning cable so I could then run my iPhone onto my tv so I can cycle on zwift.

Then i’m cooking on gas?

The 520 cannot connect to Zwift, but the sensors can be used on the iPhone if they are bridged using CABLE.

Do you have a speed sensor also? You will need that to get your bike to move in-game.

You can connect the sensors to both Zwift (using CABLE) and the 520 if you like since ANT+ allows multiple connections.

Yes I do have a speed sensor as well. My next challenge no doubt will be iPhone to TV. Which I hope with a lightning cable will be pretty straightforward