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I have the Garmin speed and cadence sensor and it is not connecting to Zwift. Is this something I am doing wrong or are they not compadiable with Zwift?

Garmin Sensors have only ANT+, wich is not build in in PCs oder Macs.
You need a ANT+ to USB Stick. Do you have one?

If you have one, you need to activate the Sensors before Zwift can find them.
The Speed Sensor needs to turn at least two times, then a green LED flashes. Then it’s activated.

I have a Garmin Speed Sensor and it’s working fine with Zwift.

Ok thank you. I do not have an ANT+ to USB stick, I was trying to connect Bluetooth. I will get one. Thanks for your help.


I recently had this issue, and after combing this and other forums, I purchased the Viiiiva heart rate strap. I used that app to connect my Garmin speed and cadence sensors to the HR strap, and then closed the app. When my HR strap connects to Zwift on my iPhone 6, it shows information from both Garmin devices.

The CABLE device is supposed to do the same thing, but for very nearly the same price, I have an extra HR monitor… so that’s the route I went.

It worked so well, I decided to splurge for the AppleTV 4K for Christmas. The Viiiiva shows up there as well. Oddly, it only brings in the data from the Cadence sensor? The speed sensor does not appear. I’ll need to do some troubleshooting to figure out why.


I have this exact same problem. Been messing around with it for 2 days and can’t get it to work. Set both sensors up on my phone app for the HRM. They both registered, I then logged out and closed the app. Go to the Apple 4K and my system wants to treat the speed sensor as a power meter. When I try to pair the speed sensor, I just gets stuck in the search window with the tire selection drop down…

Very frustrating… I have yet to find a fix.


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Hey guys! I have the same problem except i have the new garmin speed and cadence sensor 2 that came out a few months ago. On the packing it says that it has bluetooth but somehow it doesn’t want to connect to my zwift app on my samsung galaxy s9. So please help me because a waited a lot for this to arrive and now i really want to ride on zwift

Make sure you don’t have the sensors paired to anything else. Also don’t pair then using the android system Bluetooth settings, Only pair them in Zwift.

ANT+ is working far more better for me than BT.
Get a ANT+ USB Stick.

@Bench: Are you using ANT+ on an android phone?

I’m using ANT+ on my Win10 PC, where Zwift runs.
On my Android Phone runs Zwift Companion.

I tried BT before I got a ANT+ Stick. It worked really bad. With ANT+ everything is fine.

Thanks for clearing this up. The person that asked the question is using an android phone, so it has to be Bluetooth.

sorry, I’m a bit outdated. Didn’t know, Zwift runs on Phones nowadays :vulcan_salute:
I thought he meant Companion and wanted to route the speed sensor via BT over companion to the game.


No problem, But I agree Zwift on ANT+ on windows is the way to go.

All right guys, I appreciate that, thanks

Just wondering if anybody has found a fix for this. My setup with the Viiiva HRM and the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors was working fine into the spring. As I am trying to set up again, Zwift is recognizing my speed sensor as a power meter.

For clarity, I have loaded up the Viiiva app, paired everything and see that all sensors are transmitting properly, close the Viiiva app, open Zwift and Zwift does not recognize the speed sensor.

Any fixes out there?

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hey I have the exact same problem, did you figure out a way to fix this?

I have the same problem, except that Zwift does recognizes the speed sensor but the speed is absurdly slow. I’ve checked the size of the tires, the power settings but nothing seems to work.

Any help??

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