Zwift iPad/iPhone app with Viiiiva HR Strap won't correctly recognize ant+ speed sensor(s)

(Chuck K) #1

Attempting to use Viiiiva dual HR monitor to bridge my ant+ cadence and speed sensor(s).

Zwift app recognizes HR and cadence but not speed sensor.

NOTE: With both of my ant+ speed cadence sensors (Cateye ISC-11 and Wahoo WFSC3) Zwift incorrectly recognizes the speed sensors as a power source). Both the Cateye and Wahoo sensors are bridged/recognized and work properly with the Viiiiva 4iiii workout app.

I have reset/restarted/turned off-on Bluetooth/replaced batteries, etc without remedy. I have read where this is a known issue with Garmin speed/cadence sensors.

I have submitted a ticket to Zwift and will update as soon I get feedback. In the meantime, if anyone has a fix please let me know.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Chuck.  Due to some incompatibilities 4iiii had with Android products (from what I understand) they broadcast power all the time, and unfortunately Zwift hides speed from things that look like power meters to keep people from choosing speed when they shouldn’t.

The next update to the iOS version of Zwift will have a workaround in place to fix this, but it’s still probably 10 days before release.

(Linda Russell) #3

I am having this issue after purchasing a 4iiii just so I could use it on iOS!

Now it’s practically useless!

Back to the bulky laptop :frowning:

(Peter Vincent) #4

Hi Jon,

I’m having the same issue as Chuck and wondered if the workaround you mention has been released yet?