Avatar not moving when all sensors are workinf


I am new to zwift and I am using 4iiiis bridge with garmin speed and cadence sensors. When selecting the pairing the sensors are picking up the data but when I am in ride mode the avatar will it move and power/speed are at 0. Any ideas why the sensors seem to be working ok but in the actual ride mode speed is not registered making the avatar Stay still?


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According to this knowledge base article](https://support.zwift.com/en_us/ant-and-ble-overview-B1S1BVgr), to bridge using the Viiiiva HRM, you must first connect the device using the 4iiii app prior to connecting to Zwift. Are you doing that?

Something else you may want to check: is the 4iiiii device’s firmware up to date?

Out of curiosity: what is the trainer the bike’s mounted to?
What is the power sensor you’re using?

I am using the same setup with Apple TV4K and am having similar problems. I rode all last year with no real issues and this fall when logging in I noticed that the Zwift app wants to automatically choose power meter instead of allowing me to choose speed sensor. I then get a series of flashing glitches or it will show as connected and even display HR, cadence and speed in the blue setup squares but when I enter the game to ride, my avatar won’t move and my name shows that I am using power meter (lightning bolt shows). I took a video of my screen tonight to document the glitch and hope to be able to send to zwift. I did have one or two rides that were successful over the holidays after turning off every Bluetooth device in the house but this was not a problem last spring. Hey Zwift…how can I send you my video? (I’m on an Elite fluid dumb trainer)

You would contact Zwift Support here: https://support.zwift.com/contact/

You can upload a video to youtube or some other cloud archive, and embed it in this forum.

I’ve been having the same problem and have not been able to fix it with support from Zwift or from 4iiii.

It sees my device as a power meter and will not allow me to move in the game. If I manage to work through the glitching screen, it shows speed and cadence numbers, but my avatar will not move.

No other bluetooth devices are connected and nothing else is interfering.

Is your subscription up-to-date?

I have used a 4iiii power meter for 2 years with zero issues.

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I’m not using a power meter. I’m using the Viiiiva HRM as an Ant+ bridge with the Garmin speed and cadence sensor. I’m using a Fluid 2 trainer and an Apple TV 4K.

I used my setup all last season on a regular ATV without any issues. When got set up this winter I was having problems.

My subscription is up to date. I’m now using a BT speed/cadence sensor but can’t use my HRM because as soon as I try to, I have the same problems.

Have you changed the name of your Viiiiva HRM at some point? It must have the default name in order for this to work with Zwift.

We have a support hub article that covers some additional steps specific to the Viiiiva HRM as a Bluetooth bridge, and 4iiii’s procedure to change the device name.