Speed Sensor appearing as Power Source

I am using Garmin speed and cadence sensors bridging through a Viiiva HRM to connect to Zwift on my iPhone 7. This worked flawlessly on Zwift all last winter and into the spring. As I am trying to get set up again, Zwift recognizes the HRM and cadence sensor, but is showing the speed sensor as “power source”. If I select Speed Sensor on Zwift, it does not recognize the HRM.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, changed the batteries, and have ensured that the sensors are working properly both on my Garmin head unit and on the 4iii App. I close the app to all the BT connection to Zwift, to there are no interference issues. The same thing happens on my AppleTV. Again, no interference issues as the sensors are showing on the 4iii App before I close it to try to connect to Zwift.

I know I’m not the only one having these issues. Is there a work-around? My understanding is that the number of BT connections should not be an issue, as the Viiiva bridge only uses 1 connection.

I’m having the exact same issue! same setup. Any help?

Hey Nigel,

I did find a fix - and just recently too.

I did a hard reset on my HRM by turning the battery upside down for 5 seconds. I also renamed it back to Viiiiva (because I had changed the name).

When I paired with Zwift, I chose the speed sensor and my trainer, as usual. I also chose the Viiiiva for the HRM and cadence sensor. You should be able to see the name of your trainer in the speed sensor box. If not, scroll back to the speed sensor box and select it again. Your trainer name should come up.

When I scroll to the speed sensor, it does not flash like the cadence sensor and the HRM option. It barely looks like it’s selected, but I am still able to click on it and my trainer name comes up. If it sees your trainer, you should be good to go.

Hope that helps.


Thank you David! I’ve got it up and running again.

Thank you so much!