Connecting to Apple TV using Viiiiva

Goo morning. I have the ZWIFT app running via my Apple TV. Here is a rundown of the equipment that I am using:  I am using the CycleOps turbo trainer. I have a Garming magnetless cadence sensor attached to the crank arm. I have the Garmin magnetless speed sensor attached to the rear hub. I purchased the Viiiiva HR strap that translates Ant+ to BT. I have paired my sensors to Viiiiva. When I open the Viiiiva app on my IOS phone I see that the HR sensor, the speed and cadence sensors are all reading fine. This is the problem, when I go to the ZWIFT app on my cellphone and try pairing the sensors, it just doesn’t work. No pairing happens. Everything seems to be working OK, except no pairing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

EJ: a first step with Bluetooth is always to ensure that your Viiiiva Bluetooth is not paired with something other than Zwift. If, for instance, the Viiiiva is paired with the Viiiiva app, it will not pair with the Zwift app.

Steve, I will give that a try tonight. Thank you.


Hi EJ,

If you’re still finding any issues, open a support ticket and we can help!

I have a Viiiva, ( with garmin speed and cadence sensor set to bridge)  and find that Zwift finds the bluetooth-bridged cadence as well as the Heart rate, on an older iMac

Times I have had a problem is when either my iPad or iPhone have already “found” the Viiii, once released often I need to reboot to find on my iMac.

The power (and speed) comes from my Kinetic control.

I do find that this works with my iPad too. ( without ant+ dongle)

The bridge does not however work with Trainerroads on the iMac. (My Garmin ant+ dongle is USB1 so won’t work here.)