Issues pairing Viiiiva HRM with Zwift App on iPhone 7s

Hi All,

Did the usual and checked out previous posts on the subject. Followed the instructions and previously had no issues pairing my Viiiiva HRM (which has Garmin Speed & Cadence sensors paired) with Zwift app on my iPhone 7s.

  • Checked Viiiiva and sensors alive using Viiiiva app - confirmed 

  • HRM & Sensors are not paired with any other device/ app

  • Viiiiva disconnected from Viiiiva app - completed

  • Bluetooth turned off and on - completed

  • Tried to pair with Zwift app (which I have had no issues with recently) - not working 

  • Turned everything off and on a few times, uninstalled and reinstalled apps 

  • Signal fine 

Can someone please tell me WTF I am doing wrong here it is doing my head in!


P.S. I have opened a ticket but past experience is not that good hence posting here









Hi Richard, 


Sorry about all the frustration with pairing your Viiiiva HRM :( 

I see you have opened a support ticket, and one of our agents is currently helping you with this issue. 

We appreciate your patience! :)