4iiii HRM won't connect.

I have a 4iiii HRM and zwift won’t recognize it. I am using an iPhone 6s with the latest software installed on both the phone and HRM.

How do you know the HRM has the latest software? So you are able to connect it and see the firmware version?

The FAQ state that you need to connect using the app instead of BT settings on your phone: “Note that pairing is not accomplished in settings, but rather in the app.”


Yes, the 4iii app allows you to see you HRM version. Plus, when I was trying to connect, 4iiii asked if I wanted to install to the latest version. That gave me the impression that I have the latest software update.

Also thank you for the link, but that isn’t my problem.   My problem is zwift doesn’t find my HRM. My phone see it, Garmin 520 and 920 also see it.  Just zwiff, which I want to use on my phone, doesn’t.  

Seems to me you are doing everything by the book.

I have found something else what might help:


and a video from Shane Miller



I have found a good manual on Zwiftblog:

Using the Viiiiva with Zwift for iOS:

  1. Install the iOS app for Viiiiva on your iDevice.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your iDevice, open the Viiiiva app and pair your Viiiiva to your iDevice.
  3. Wake up your ANT+ devices and pair them via the Viiiiva app.
  4. Turn off the Viiiiva app and Bluetooth on your iDevice, then enable Bluetooth again and start up Zwift, which should now be able to see your ANT+ sensors after it connects to your Viiiiva through Bluetooth. (This may seem like an odd step, but it is necessary because the Viiiiva app’s Bluetooth connection to the Viiiiva will interfere with Zwift’s Viiiiva usage.)

io ho un rullo della bkool pro con penna ant + si collega e va tutto pero ho il rullo quando ce una discesa o una salita mi tiene una durezza standard  della potenza del rullo come posso fare 

@Shay Hutchings (OTC)  I am having the exact same issue.  My Edge 520 sees my Viiiiva HRM.  My phone sees it.  I can pair my power meter to it.  My Garmin Forerunner 210 sees it.  Just not Zwift.  I am using Zwift on Apple TV 4k.  I have tried every possible connection order with Zwift Companion app and Apple TV 4k and still nothing.  At this point, I truly believe its a software bug either on Zwift’s side or 4iiii’s side.


Disconnect the 4iiii HRM from your phone, it is using Bluetooth to connect to is so it is unable to connect to the AppleTV. Bluetooth only allows on connection to any device or app at a time.

@Paul Allen. Appreciate the input. I have also tried that and still nothing. I had been connecting everything via the Zwift Companion App. Plus, I have had bluetooth on on my phone for the last 4-5 months and it has worked fine. I really think it’s Apple TV or a bug with the Zwift Companion App because all other devices I own see the Viiiiva and connect to it no problem whether it is through bluetooth or ANT+