Help: Viiiva HRM as bridge - help

Looking for some help. I’m trying to use a Viiiva HRM as a bridge from my Wattbike to Zwift on an iOS (ipad) as I am using the bluetooth connection for Trainer Road. I’ve configured the Viiiva HRM so that it is connected to the ANT+ output of the Wattbike. When I connect Zwift it recognises the Viiiiva HRM and allows me to connect it as the source for power, HRM and cadence outputs but, as here is where I am stuck, it doesn’t actually read any Power output. It is stuck as 0 and I am stuck by the side of the road. Has anyone any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks.

Viiiiva bridges ANT+ to Bluetooth, you can’t be connected to TR via Bluetooth if you want this to work. You want the Viiiiva to connect and send via Bluetooth to the iPad (Zwift).

If you want to use both TR and Zwift, your choices in this situation are:

  • Both ANT+
  • One Bluetooth and one ANT+

Personally, I run TR via ANT+ and Zwift via Bluetooth while using Viiiiva with Apple TV (Zwift via BT) and MacBook (TR via ANT+)

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