Zwift newbie hoping for some Viiiva ANT+ help

I have a resist roller set up with my PowerTap hub Power etc hooked (and my Garmin Speed & Cadence) up to my new Viiiva HRM. My HRM can be seen by bluetooth on both my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. When I try and pair either Power Source or Speed sensor…nothing. Any suggestions

Hi @Phil_Scott

Are your garmin and Powertap Ant+ and bluetooth, most garmin products are only ant+ and the older powertap are also only ant+.

If your garmin devices are ant+ and bluetooth than you can connect them directly to your phone thru the Zwift app, don’t pair them with the phone prior to connecting to zwift.

If they are only ant+ then you should bridge them with your Viiiva
Maybe Shane can help a bit see this video -

Hi. Yes they are just Ant+ which is why I am using the Viiiva HRM as a bridge to Bluetooth (that bit works👍)

Covering basics: Did you use the 4iiii Device Configuration app to connect the devices you want to bridge to the Viiiva?

Once connected, those devices will pair to Zwift along with the Viiiiva., as it will be treated as a muli-function device. You have to choose the Viiiiva in lieu of the actual device in order for the bridging to take effect. In other words, for cadence you would choose the Viiiiva as your cadence device rather than the Garmin.

Thanks Aaron. I did use the configuration. And for 5 seconds or so I could pair powerdevice, cadence and HR all through the Viiiva. But then the 4iii app. Stopped and I couldn’t pick anything up on Zwift.

However, I had my 920xt watch connected (I wanted to check that all was ok with the PowerMeter. I now wonder if I have to switch any watch or head units off and just have Viiiiva and iPad talking via Bluetooth and use the companion app on my phone on WiFi?

I think this is correct. Once you pair a device, Zwift will try to automatically pair it again next time it starts up. Turn off all BTLE devices you don’t want paired to Zwift and try again. Also, disable bluetooth on any phone/tablet/etc to which you don’t want your devices paired.

I’m curious why you’re pairing through the companion app? There should be plenty of bluetooth channels on your device running Zwift.

I think I am going to give up…I have synced my Ant+ powertap hub to 4iiii Viiiva heart rate monitor. And with the 4iiii App I can see speed cadence power and hr. Making sure I switch any other Bluetooth signal off I open Zwift… nothing. I delete Zwift and re install it…nothing. Check 4iiii app All good. Close Zwift and reopen. This is all on the latest 256GB iPad Pro……any ideas? Thanks

Force stop the 4iiii app after using it to ensure that the Viiiiva isn’t paired to it in the background.

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Nailed it. Cheers