Which ANT+ to BLE bridge to buy?

Is this the bridge people are buying or is there something else out there in the market?

That one is a very popular choice. Another option is the Viiiiva HRM

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Thanks Paul…so does the Viiive actually bridge ANT+ signals from multiple other sources like indoor trainer, cadence sensor, etc. in addition to performing HRM?

Yep, it does: https://4iiii.com/viiiiva-heart-rate-monitor/

Cable works a treat for me on ATV. Easy to set up/amend/link

Loyal Viiiiva HRM user here for a few years now. It’s simple, works, and has been problem free.

I actually have the cable and the 4iiii heart rate monitor - I prefer the heart rate strap.
Once HR and cadence are set on it just pairs with Apple TV. The cable is just more clunky and it needs the companion app.
This then causes me issue with my Bluetooth headphones… blah blah blah

Cable doesn’t need the companion app. I have Kickr 17 and ATV. Controllable trainer is Kickr. Cadence, HR and power all through Cable. No issues. no companion app needed.

I use the 4iiii to bridge a cadence sensor with the ATV. It pairs and performs flawlessly. My only complaint is with how fast it goes through batteries. The battery has to be changed about every 6 weeks.