ANT+ bridge with iOS

Getting started: Anyone know for sure if I can pair ANT+ sensors to an iPad (with Wahoo ANT key) and “bridge” them to Zwift through the iOS App? I have PowerTap P1 pedals that I bridge to Zwift using BLE and the iOS App. P1 pedals are BLE and ANT+ compatible, however, my HRM and other sensors are ANT+ only. If ANT+ bridging works I’ll buy an ANT key and connect pedals/HRM that way. If ANT+ bridging isn’t an option, I’ll buy a BLE HR monitor.

The ANT+ USB key will need to go into a computer. You cannot us an iPad (or iPhone) to bridge ANT+, that is for BLE only. 

So to make it simple all you need is a ANT+ USB dongle, a USB extension and a computer with Zwift installed. The Ipad/iPhone is a companion device that can be used to bridge BLE and to perform turns, RideOns and other things.

What I thought. ANT+ key on iPad would have been a one-item solution for Zwift and other applications. Instead will need ANT+ USB, ANT+ key, BLE HRM, and BLE speed sensor to pull it all together. Oh well. Thanks for confirming.

Using an ANT+ USB dongle and an USB extension cable and a computer is the easiest way to use Zwift. Using an iPad or iPhone to bridge BLE can be a pain to say the least.

I was using and iPhone to bridge BLE when I started and was struggling to get it to work so I purchase a new trainer that supports ANT+ and the dongle and extension. I have no issues now getting anything to connect including my ANT+ HRM.

Thanks for info. So far iPad BLE bridge worked for me without issue on all trial runs - 3x to Mac Mini Server - 2x to Macbook Air. Both reasonably close to trainer, but extension might be good idea if/when I go ANT+ dongle to Macs. Trainer is CycleOps IC 300PT which doesn’t play well with anything … thus reason for mounting up P1 pedals. Also trying to use CycleOps Virtual Training subscription, but they haven’t written code for P1s to properly communicate by BLE. Need iOS ANT+ dongle to use CVT App until C-Ops gets BLE sorted. They’re not so good at supporting Mac stuff. So for now focusing on Zwift which is sorted for P1 pedals.

I found a product that enables you to use your ANT+ and ios device by converting the message into Bluetooth.

It’s called CABLE… You can check out my post about it here.

I found it a much better and less expensive solution than wiring up different bluetooth enabled devices, but just use the ANT+ setup I have with my garmin.

Hope that helps.