Connecting ANT+ devices to Zwift running on either macbook or ios device

I have been running Zwift for just under one month now and been frustrated that I cannot connect anything but my smart trainer - a Tacx Bushido Smart. Neither my Cadence or heartrate sensors from my Garmin 520 will pair. It might be a silly question - but i thought it would pair through bluetooth buildnin to phone / computer. Will i need to buy an ANT+ dongle to pair my devices?

Your Apple devices do not have ANT+ receivers and it sounds like you have some sensors sending only ANT+. To use your Apple devices, you have at least three options:

  1. replace your ANT+ sensors with sensors sending Bluetooth or both Bluetooth and ANT+ signals (Wahoo heart rate and Wahoo cadence, among others)
  2. get an ANT+ USB dongle to use with your Mac (Suunto Movestick Mini, among others)
  3. get an ANT+ to Bluetooth “bridge” device to use any ANT+ device with either your Mac or your iOS device (the npe CABLE device, among a few – the CABLE name is an acronym for " C onnect A NT+ to B luetooth L ow E nergy (BLE)")