ANT+ Bridge Compatibility - Wahoo RFLKT+

I cannot pair my Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors through the above bridge for my indoor workouts. I use Cyclemeter for my outdoor riding. Just wanted to know how I can pair them if it’s supported.

Thanks Noel

HI Noel - you’ll be able to pair your ANT+ Garmin sensors to your iOS device by either using the Wahoo 30 pin ANT+ dongle, or another option is to get an ANT+ to Bluetooth translator, such as this heart rate strap:   It will pick up your ANT+ Garmin sensors and rebroadcast them as Bluetooth. 


Hi Crystal, I already have the above ANT+ Bridge which I use on the road with Cyclemeter. Just need to know whether it will work! 

You cannot use the Wahoo RFLKT+ to bridge your Ant+ signal to Zwift, you must you the above options to do so.