To pair him, cadence and speed sensor with Garmin 910 Ct ant+

(Bruno Boule) #1

hello.  I,m in free try for 7 days with zwift.  I have a Garmin 910xt using  ant+ with hrm, cadence and speed sensors.  I connect the ant+ key into my iPad using a lightning to USB adapter.  I use the zwift menu to pair all that together and it looks like zwift does search but can’t find anything.  The ant+ is at about 3 feet from the sensors and at 6 inches from the Garmin watch.

some help?

thank you,


(Paul Allen) #2

As of right now Zwift does not support Ant+ to iOS, even with the Wahoo key. They are working it and it could be released soon.

If you can get a USB Ant+ dongle you can use a PC or Mac.


(Bruno Boule) #3

Hello Paul Allen.  On the zwift website, it has s mentioned that zwift is now available on iOS.  I have also found the zwift apps on the Apps store on my iPad. ???


(Paul Allen) #4

What I am trying to say is that Zwift for iOS ONLY supports Bluetooth right now. They are in the process of getting an updated app approved by Apple that will support the Wahoo Ant+key, but there is no release date on it.

Right now if you want to use Ant+ devices you will need to use a PC or Mac.