i just started a free trial and can’t seem to pair any of my devices to the zwift software. I’m trying to pair my garmin hrm and speed/cadence sensor

What devices and OS are you using for Zwift?

Garmin is Ant+ only so if you are using it on an iOS device you will need to bridge the signal.

More info is needed.

I am on a mac air. The os and all software is all current. I have a suounto ant plus dongle

Does your ANT+ dongle show up once you launch Zwift? If you see an “ANT+ dongle not found” message when you launch, you’ll want to go through these troubleshooting steps.

If your ANT+ dongle shows up, but your sensors aren’t appearing under the speed/HRM menus, verify that they’re working in another software program/on another device. Some of the tips in this article may also apply.

And of course, you can submit a ticket if you’re still stuck.