Zwift no longer pairs with my ANT+ sensors

(Jon Ehret) #1

Zwift, for whatever reason, no longer recognizes or will pair with my ant+ sensors.  It worked fine last week.  Paired with my GSC-10 right away.  Went away for a couple of days, went to start a ride today, started the app (I believe an update ran) and now it won’t do anything.  Has anyone seen anything like this?

(Jon Ehret) #2

I should add that PeriPedal has no problem recognizing the ANT+ sensors.  Zwift does recognize that the USB dongle is plugged in. And no garmin agent is installed.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Jon,

Please see this similar thread for possible solutions: If none of the suggestions work, please submit a support ticket and enclose your log.txt files (Documents > Zwift > Logs).

Thanks! To keep things clean, I will close this thread to try and keep all talk in one thread. Unfortunately I can’t merge them.