Connect devices via the ZC app

I’m using the ZC app, on my Samsung S10, as a bridge for my devices. My devices are the Tacx Santori smart trainer, wahoo cadence sensor and Garmin Vivoactive 4 watch as hrm.
Uptill now I could not pair these three sensors to the Zwift app at the same time.
The Tacx smart trainer always pairs, but the cadence sensor and hrm most of the times not.
What am I doi g wrong?

What device are you running Zwift on?

I think all your sensors (trainer, cadence and watch) can all broadcast in ANT+. Getting an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension would probably make your life a lot easier.

What protocol are you using on the phone for pairing? ANT+, Bluetooth? All the same or some of each.

I connected a Wahoo smart trainer, Garmin HRM, and cheap cadence sensor via Bluetooth through the ZC app on my S10e, but it was never totally stable and had a bit of delay. As the previous post says, if you can put an ANT+ USB dongle in your computer you will likely get the best connection based on many forum member’s experiences

I’m not shure if the trainer and watch can broadcast in ANT+, but I will sort that out.
Probably your advise to get a ANT+ dongle will be my next step. Thanks!

Whatever I try, the 3 sensors don’t work together when I’m using my laptop or Ipad Air 2 as device for the Zwift program.
But when I use my S10 as Zwift device they all 3 do work, suprisingly!
I haven’t managed yet to get this picture on a big screen.
I think I have to try your advise to get a dongle and try this.

@Andre_de_Fouw Yes your Garmin VivoActive 4 will broadcast HRM in ANT+, see this from Garmin: Garmin VivoActive 4. The Tacx Santori literature says it is ANT+ as well.

You have not mentioned what your laptop is. If it is a Windows 10 device, then I would suggest going the ANT+ dongle route. That has solved the problem for many people including me. If you purchase an ANT+ dongle, get the ANSELF unit, this is the USA Amazon reference: Amazon USA - ANSELF USB ANT+ Dongle. It is known to work well and is inexpensive. That is what I am running and is what ZwiftInsider recommends. Do NOT get the CYCPLUS unit, that has been shown to not work by many people including me (it failed miserably for me). Consider also getting a short USB extension cable, it will improve the reception of your ANT+ signals.

Thx for the advice and help! Gonna purchase the ANSELF dongle. Fingers crossed it will work.
Btw: laptop is windows 10 operated.

Cool, let us know how it goes.