Garmin HR Monitor pair with Zwift w/Mac and ANT+ USB

I am using Zwift on my MacBook Pro with the Garmin ANT+ USB dongle and even a USB extension to get it closer to my PM and HRM. 

When I click on the search button to pair my HRM doesn’t even show up. 

I know the HRM itself is working because Ive been using my garmin head unit to look at my HR. 

My complete setup is Wahoo Kickr, Quarq PM, (both pairing fine) Garmin HRM,(not pairing) Zwift on Mac OS w/ usb extension cable and garmin ANT+ dongle. 

Any ideas?

I am having the same problem. My Garmin HRM is not pairing via ANT with Zwift on my MAC Pro. It works fine when I ride outside with my Garmin computer. The cadence and power meter from my Kinetic trainer connects to the Zwift computer app but there’s no choice to choose ANT just Bluetooth. Do you have to use a special HRM with Zwift? I can’t find the answer to this question and if so-what HRM works?


Do you have an ANT+ dongle plugged into the Mac?


No-never heard of such a thing. will gave to google


If you got the Zwift Starter Kit: then the ANT+ dongle is in it.

I have an iMac that is up to date running OS, a Tac-X Neo an Ant+ Dongle, and several HR monitors that Zwift does not see. The HR monitors are 

Polar H7

Garmin HRM2-SS Ant+, HRM3-SS Ant+

Polar T31

I can get any of these to see my Zwift APP on my iMac running Mac OS 10.13 .3

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