HRM for Elite Direct Drive

Hi - I’m new to Zwift. I tried to pair my Garmin HRM with not luck and I am hoping to find out what kind of HRM do I need to get that will work with Zwift.

What device are you running Zwift on (iOS, Mac, PC, ATV, or Android)?

A Garmin is only Ant+ (except for the new duel HRM) so if you are using a device that is Bluetooth only or not using an ANt+ dongle you will have to bridge the signal with CABLE or the 4iiii HRM.

Another option is using a duel band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr or the new Garmin Duel HRM.

Not meaning to hijack the thread but just to get a clarification - suppose I am using my trainer to connect to my Mac via bluetooth and then I attach an ANT stick to my Mac, will Zwift be able to read my Garmin heart strap which works on ANT only? My trainer is both ANT+ and bluetooth ready. If you say yes I will invest in a Garmin stick. Incidentally the Garmin USB stick is ANT. My HR strap is ANT but my trainer is ANT+.

If you get the USB ANT+ dongle/adapter, you should be set. You will be able to pair your HRM and trainer as well as any other ANT+ devices you might have (e.g., cadence sensor, power meter, etc…)

If and when you buy the USB ANT+ dongle, I recommend getting a USB extension cord. Make it long enough to run from your laptop to at least behind the front tire of your bike if not under your trainer. This will help to mitigate if not eliminate signal interference.