Pairing garmin tri hrm

Hello, I need help connecting my hrm to zwift.

I have the following equipment.

garmin tri hrm
elite alena trainer
garmin forerunner 735 (don’t think this can be used in anyway)
Ipad on handlebars
I also have a macbook if i need it.

spent £80 on the hrm but can only pair it to my watch, i bought it for zwift and presumed it would pair.

any help much appreciated


You would need to use the laptop with an Ant+ dongle. The Garmin Tri HRM is Ant+ and Zwift on iOS is Bluetooth only.

You could get a duel band HRM like Wahoo Tickr or Garmin Dual.

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Hi, i have the same issue, Garmin 735xt watch and Garmin TRI HRM. I generally use zwift on my phone or my ipad, is there literally no way of connecting my HRM to my phone/ ipad
, even via my watch?

Only via an ANT+ to Bluetooth converter, such as discussed in Which ANT+ to BLE bridge to buy?

That’s very helpful - so if i buy that i can connect my HRM to my phone/ zwift via that converter? Thank you

You might just find it easier to buy a new HRM that can do both ANT+ and BT, and sell your existing HRM.

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