Garmin hrm

Can you use a garmin hrm on zwift and if so how to pair it, I’ve tried with no joy, I’m using widows
Any help

 You would need an Ant+ dongle in you PC since All Garmins only broadcast in Ant+.

Having just joined Zwift today I am also having problems pairing my Garmin HRM!! I am using a Wattbike Atom with an iPad Pro the wattbike paired almost instantly but i couldn’t get HRM to connect at all. I have had it connected when using the Wattbike hub with no problems!  Any advice for a very new member would be much appreciated. Thanks.


All Garmin devices only broadcast in Ant+ so you would need something like CABLE to bridge the signal to your iPad.

Thanks Paul, will check it out.:+1:t3: