Garmin HR monitor not connecting to zwift on ipad

When using zwift on ipad, garmin HR monitor is not connecting, fine on laptop though?

any suggestions

Which Garmin HRM? Most are ANT+ only and Zwift on iOS is Bluetooth only.

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My Garmin HR monitor certainly has Bluetooth (but then it is the HRM Dual). Ironically I used to use an iPad and had zero issues, which isn’t much help. Since switching to a gaming PC with a Bluetooth dongle my HR data quality is very poor. Frequent drops and an annoying tendency to buffer and lag the data so my HR and power data become misaligned. Yesterday my peak HR after a race sprint finish came about a minute into my warm down (the Garmin Edge head unit had the real-time data fortunately). One of these days I’ll probably get flagged for it!

If you have switch to a PC for Zwift why not get an ANT+ dongle and have a much more stable connection over Bluetooth?

Still don’t know which Garmin HRM you have. Maybe you could give a COMPLETE rundown of your setup.

An ant+ dongle is almost certainly the answer for me. It’s just not quite annoying enough to have forced me into action because I collect the data on my Garmin head unit anyway and have much more ‘average’ and ‘lap’ info on there than in the HUD anyway.