Issues with Garmin Dual HR monitor and Zwift on iPad

I’m having a problem with my HR monitor and my iPad. My HR monitor pairs to the iPad but reads as zero when I’m using zwift. It’s weird because it works (HR monitor sends data to zwift) on my phone and computer.
I’ve tried a lot of different things: updating iPad’s OS, making sure the monitor pads are wet, making sure it isn’t too cold, restarting iPad, uninstalling and reinstalling zwift, making sure HR monitor isn’t connected to other devices, making sure other devices are far away when pairing, turned all other bluetooth devices off, and I contacted Garmin customer service and they are stumped.
Any other suggestions?

How many devices are connected via BT? I believe the iPad limits you to two.

Make sure there are no other apps that are pairing your HRM in the background and you can try this:

“You can clear the Bluetooth cache on your smartphone or tablet to fix issues with your Bluetooth connection . On an iPhone or iPad , clear the Bluetooth cache by unpairing all your Bluetooth devices and then restarting the device .”

I’m not sure about the 2 device limit from what I have read you should be able to pair 5-7 devices depending on the IPad version.

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Just the trainer and the hr monitor

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that didn’t work.
I tried all the suggestions from customer service at Zwift and Garmin. Nothing from them worked either and most of it was things I already tried.

Not sure where to go from here!

You may well have tried this? Have you tried to just connect hr monitor to iPad without blue tooth trainer on or connected so Bluetooth is inactive on trainer ? basically just to see if hr will connect to zwift on your iPad

I’ve had no problem pairing 3 BT devices to my Ipad. HR strap, kicker snap and cadence.

Late on this one but Did you ever found a solution? Same problem occurs for me.