Garmin heart rate monitor not working

My Garmin heart rate monitor was working fine and still does on my Garmin Edge 1000, however, it’s just not finding it on my iPad when I’m using Zwift. It’s really annoying. Am I the only one having this issue? Used for cycling btw.

Hi Will, only Garmin HRM-Dual and HRM-Pro support Bluetooth. All models support ANT+ which is method used for e.g. Edge devices (within Garmin ecosystem in general). As an iPad don’t support ANT+ without additional hardware this might be the reason Zwift on iOS won’t find your HRM.

Thanks. But this was all working perfectly until I did a software update on my iPad a couple of weeks ago, so my guess is it’s a bug with the new iOS software (I work in tech and know these things happen. Apple not always the best at comms around these issue!!!)

Strange that it just does not work now :frowning: as it did perfectly so my ‘guess’ is the above.

do garmin have an app for the ipad to see if you can connect it to that to verify the bluetooth is working correctly?

Hi @Will_Colley

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I like Rich’s idea. I think the app is called Garmin Connect. If you download it on your iPad, you can see if the Garmin HRM-Dual will connect and monitor heart rate.

You can also try other third-party fitness apps as well and see if the HRM connects to any of those. This will give you an idea if it’s just Zwift that won’t connect to your HRM or if there’s a problem connecting it to any and all apps.

Also, you can try installing Zwift on your iPhone (if you haven’t already) and see if the Garmin HRM-Dual will connect to that device. This will let you know if it’s just an issue connecting to apps on your iPad or if it’s not connecting to any mobile devices in your environment.

Also, Garmin has some potentially helpful troubleshooting resources in their support article.

This happened to me last night for the first time. I got it to show back up by making my ios device forget it and then it magically reappeared.


I’ll try that but atm it only shows on my Garmin Edge :frowning: Doesn’t show on MBP, iPad, iPhone or any Apple device!

So silly but massively annoying but will try. Wouldn’t mind but I work in tech :joy:

I get where you’re coming from @Will_Colley. In my experience, pairing the Garmin HRM-Dual to BLE enabled devices has been consistent for some Zwifters, but hasn’t worked so well for others.

Historically, I’ve seen game bugs logged with Zwift’s developers for Garmin devices consistently dropping the connection (e.g. “No Signal”) at the Zwift pairing screen, so based on my experience it’s been tricky at times to get that HRM to work consistently well when using Bluetooth as a pairing method.

One thing that seems more consistent, however, is ANT+ pairing and I’ve noticed that Garmin devices generally seem to work better with that pairing method as opposed to BLE. If you have a computer that can run Zwift and a ANT+ USB dongle, I have to wonder if your Garmin HRM-Dual would connect straight away if using ANT+ as the pairing method.

Which HRM model are you using? There are a some models. As it connects to your Edge: what sensor information does it give (you’ll find this if sensor is connected and go to sensor menu and select it).
Have you removed HRM battery for a while and try to reconnect then (kind of reset)?

I’m using a Garmin HRM2-SS. Yh going to take out the battery today and try that all else is failing. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Will, HRM2-SS is pretty old I think, ten years or so. Afaik it supports ANT+ only. Don’t know how it ever could have worked with any iOS device without additional hardware (ANT+ adapter or such).