Connecting Garmin Heart Rate monitor

I have been trying to connect my Garmin HR monitor to Zwift but it has not been showing up. I know it works because it always connects to my Garmin. do you have any tips to help make it work?

What device are you running Zwift on and Which Garmin HRM are you referring to.

More details could be helpful in assisting you in resolving your issue.

BTW, most Garmin HRM are ANT+ only.


Hi @Josh_Cranage

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see you’re running the Zwift game on a Windows 10 machine and pairing your trainer with Bluetooth. I’m going to assume you don’t have an ANT+ dongle because there doesn’t seem to be one attached to your computer.

Please verify which HRM you own. Of the 4 current Garmin chest strat heart rate monitors being made, only the HRM-Dual broadcasts in Bluetooth. The other three are ANT+ only, and since you don’t have an ANT+ dongle to pick up those signals, your computer won’t see its signal.

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I am having the same problems and as I thought it was my Garmin HRM-Dua,l I returned it but the replacement is exactly the same I’ve tried everything but no answers I contacted Garmin and Zwift to no avail, it connects strait away but doesn’t receive a signal. hope this is of some help to you.

Please provide more information so we can better assist you.


as pointed out above I have the zwift app on my ipad and the companion on my iPhone 8 it was working perfectly for about one month then became erratic I replaced it and after a week it works then it doesn’t im now starting to think of other programs as this is so frustrating when it connects then bums you out or it connects immidiatly but wont receive a signal and im sick of reading garmins manual to see if im doing anything wrong but I follow the instructions to the letter

You never stated that in this thread.

Anyways, make sure that the Garmin Dual HRM is not connected to your iPad, iPhone or other app. I would suggest making sure that the Garmin Connect App is fully closed on both devices.

Also, you could have some type of interference:

My Garmin ANT+ Speed/Cad and HRM both worked flawlessly up until tonight. There is a now a warning triangle next to the ANT+ icon top left of the pair screen. I also noticed that Zwift installed an update tonight. This maybe connected. For the record both ANT+ sensors connect to my Edge 510 ok, so they are working. The ANT USB-m Stick apparantly now has no driver available now. This is strange, I wonder if it is a WIn10 issue. (Edit: Yes see below)

cheers Paul ive tried all of that ive no other Bluetooth connected to either phone or ipad but still have the problem

Hi @Koos_Jansen

Have you tried a different usb port.

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Yes, Further investigation shows that Win 10 installed a “NULL Driver” this evening for some reason. The original working driver was installed on the 30 Apr. Trying to auto update the driver was unsuccessful. Downloading drivers from Garmin ( did not solve the issue right away. I had to follow that with an update and search for drivers on my system. In c:\windows\System32\DriverStore BTW.


I am following and reading the issue around various forum and all of us seems to have the same unresolved problem . It was fine until May then connection start to fail alternativelly and now since 2-3 months I am not able to connect the Garmin dual HRM to Zwift. I do run zwift on my IPhone 8 and was always stright forward to connect. I tried all that you suggested without any result.

It will be good isf somebody into your organisation can take charge of this situation and get final resolution. Appreciated your full support
Looking forward to further improvements


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I was having the same issue running Zwift via laptop on Windows 10. I had an Ant dongle. Zwift would detect my HRM but no signal. So I turned off the Bluetooth on my laptop, and voila, instance signal.

I also have problems connecting Garmin HRM-dual to Zwift running on my Windows 10 laptop. I can connect this same HRM sensor to everything else, different apps on Samsung Galaxy S10 phone (haven’t tried Zwift app on the phone) and to my Suunto Ambit 3 watch. But no Signal in Zwift on PC.
For today’s workout I managed to find a solution. It was not ideal, but still worked. I have unpaired all the sensors in Zwift (Tacx Neo 2T Power, Cadence and Control sensors are the first to connect to Zwift and HRM sensor is the last to try to connect). Then I firstly paired the HRM belt, and after that all the other sensors. And it worked. My HRM has been registering in Zwift, albeit with constant and consistent drops to 0. Like several minutes normal readings and then a drop to 0 for a few seconds, and then back to normal again for a few minutes. It seems like some sort of “heartbeat” checks with devices causes these drops. Just a wild guess.
I’ll try to dissable bluetooth on every other device except from my PC next time.

Hope this helps.

Update: troubles are back again after a couple of rides (with issues). Very frustrating. It seems to be an issue related specifically to Zwift and Garmin Dual HRM strap. Regardless of (or involving multiple) operating systems. I’m personally running zwift on windows 10.

I just received my new Garmin HRM Dual. It connected to the Zwift app for about 1 minute and the disconnected.

FYI- Using Zwift app on a 2019 MacBook Pro, OS 10.15.6. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Update- Just connected all my devices using the Zwift Companion App on my iPhone instead of the Zwift app on my MacBook and the HRM worked for about 5 minutes. It got disconnected and now can’t seem to get HRM to connect at all. Super frustrating.

Hi I’m having the same issue, using Zwift on Macbook Pro 13’ 2015, my Elite Suito connects with no problem, but my HRM Dual is not detected at all, even when I have turned off all my other devices (iPhone, Garmin Edge, Apple Watch)

My Garmin Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor has no issues connecting to Zwift

Do hope this could be resolved soon

After reading about all the issues on a few different threads here, I’m simply returning the Garmin HRM. This has been a known issue for Zwift for months and no solution appears to be coming. This Garmin HRM has wasted enough of my time and not worth the hassle.

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Same here. I’m using HRM-Tri, and during pairing Zwift on my iPhone HRM is not found. It pairs with Elite Suito with no issue at all, but no luck with HR monitor.

The Garmin HRM-Tri is ANT+ only and Zwift on iPhone is Bluetooth only.

Your best option is a dual band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr.