Connecting Garmin Heart Rate monitor

Yeah, thanks.
I’ve done some more research and i’ve read about ANT+ dongle in the USB (of course i’d need to use zwift on my laptop). Do you maybe have experience with it?

If you are using a Laptop I would suggest an ANT+ dongle with a USB extension so you can get the dongle as close to the trainer as possible.

Thanks a lot :wink:

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Hi Paul. The Garmin HRM has always worked. It now doesn’t. There’s a different problem with Zwift not enabling HRM to function as it used to. It would be nice if someone got to the bottom of this urgently and sorted it out fir us. It’s particularly frustrating training with no HRM

I run Zwift on Windows 7 and in the last week my previously faultless connection with Garmin HRM 1G has evaporated. Can’t even search / discover the HRM. Appears to have occurred following last update. Please could you look into this Zwift. I can still connect HRM to Garmin watch so proven functionality. I have ensured all other devices are shut down so does appear to be a Zwift error.

Same issue here. Garming Duel HR just stopped working. I tried everything, even did a factory reset on my phone. Tried calling Garming Customer support- Couldnt get through. Solution for me: I returned the Garmin HR Monitor and purchased a Wahoo Tickr

Same here, dual hr works fine on all other devices, both BT and ant+. This is an issue with zwift

But this isn’t just PC related is it - I can’t my Garmin Dual HRM to work using my iPad either?