No signal from my garmin dual HRM

Hi Everyone, I see there are various threads on syncing HRM’s etc with Zwift. However my HRM syncs every time without fail and is seen via blue tooth, what isn’t picked up is any kind of signal for heart rate data. Zwift reports the HRM and connectives via bluetooth, but says no signal. Its a brand new Garmin dual HRM and it worked perfectly the first couple of times I used it. I’m stumped. I’ve tried making the strap wetter, but it still doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’m using an older MacBook pro so having to connect via companion on my iPhone, which works well for everything, just no heart rate signal. I suspect the issue is with the garmin rather than zwift, just wondered if anyone has had similar issues with their garmin.
Thanks Mark

Did you update to the latest version of the Zwift app at any point?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply. No I haven’t changed anything on Zwift at all.
It’s driving me crazy, I bought the new HRM especially so I could get the HR on zwift.

Ah, right. I updated this morning and am now getting an odd ‘no signal’ error with my speed and HR sensors,

ahh, I see, no mate, nothing like that here. Just the bloody Garmin not working as it should. V. frustrating.


Same problem here. Been using a garmin dual HRM for the last couple of months with Zwift through an iPad. Last ride Zwift dropped the HRM sensor and now connects but with “no signal”. My watch gets it fine.
Changed the battery on the HRM but still same prob.
Upgraded to new version of Zwift just before noticing the problem…

I’ve got the same issue with mine all of a sudden
Did you find a solution?

Hi Pete.

I called Garmin in the end it seems my Hrm decided to break. I don’t know why. However Garmin sent me a new HRM which I got last week and so far so good. So looks like it was the HRM itself. To be fair Garmin sent a replacement straight away at no cost to me.


Hey Mark

Much appreciate you letting me know



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I have been having the same issue. Can’t resolve. I tried everything. I am having to ride on zwift only with power and cadence data and I use my garmin edge to monitor my HR. Not ideal.

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Hi @Pierre-Antoine_Papil

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Lets start with this. Guide to Getting Useful Support

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It turned out to be a problem with my Garmin HRM, I spoke to Garmin and they replaced it for me. It now all works it should.



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Same here
Dual HR WAS working on Zwift now stopped.
I can see it on Garmin 520…
Shows as connected but no signal on Zwift connect screen…

HI, so I have a very similar problem

My Garmin dual-HRM with Bluetooth and ANT connects to my iphone (via bluetooth) showing connected
connects to a wattbike via ANT+ and shows my HR and connects to my Fenix 6 watch and provides HR data. My zwift app connects to my HR monitor though then updates to say ‘no signal’
I had also ensured Garmin was closed out.
Having used this 4 times I cant believe its the bluetooth on my HRM or that its the HRM. Does anyone have any furthe suggestions ?

On what device are you running Zwift?

I’m running it on the latest iphone, with the latest software

Gotcha. And do you ‘force quit’ the Zwift app after each use? I run on an Apple TV and have found that this solves the ‘no signal’ issue. I think it is the same for other iOS devices, also. Force quitting after each use seems to solve some other issues, also, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot to see if this works for you.

Had the same problem ,after Nigel’s advice of force closing the app I’ve not had any issues -touch wood . I also unclip one of the sides of the HRM saves the battery apparently

I will attempt that and let you know

so I closed all apps including Zwift. Then reopened Zwift, it connected again, though again showed ‘no signal’

I’ve removed the HRM as a bluetooth connection from my phone, closed down Garmin, and will reconnect to see if that makes a difference