Garmin HRM Dual Issues

Anyone else experiencing issues with their Garmin HRM dual? Since the latest update, BOTH of mine have stopped pairing with Zwift. Batteries are good, nothing has changed with setup, and trainer still connects without issue. Same situation on both ATV and iPad. I am perplexed.

I have a Garmin HRM dual and it’s working as normal, but that’s using ANT+ on a Windows 10 system.

Thanks. Clearly BT with the Apple devices. I’m going to check with FulGaz and our RowErg, too, and see if they see it. Just very odd that two transmitters and/or two belts seem to have gone bad at the same time.

Uninstall Zwift entirely, RESTART the ATV, and then reinstall Zwift. This was the kick in the teeth my ATV needed to start seeing sensors again. (Polar H10, as well as a Garmin HRM-Pro+)

@Otto_Destruct were you having issues with ALL devices, or just HRM? Zwift sees (on both iPad and ATV) the trainer (Neo 2), but not HRM. I tested in FulGaz, as well as our RowErg, and those actually didn’t see the Dual (either of them), either. The RowErg sees my ANT+ HRM, though. Very odd.

I’d say I was having issues with all sensors, but the HRM in particular. Acid test: my Headwind fan - slaved to HR - would pick up the HRM via ANT+ immediately while the ATV4k either wouldn’t, or would but then disconnect or display the “NO DATA” error