Garmin HRM-Dual will not show data

Hi My Garmin HRM-Dual is Connected but dos not show any data. i have tried to disconnect and Connect again, but nothing seems to work. I am using a iPhone 8 and have used it serveral times without any issues, the problem started about a month ago.

Hi @Claus_Helleroee

Did you replace the HR strap batteries? Do you wet the pads before putting it on.

I have changed the batteries 14 day ago and i i always wet the strap. I had a single run were i disconnected the strap i Bluetooth connections and added it again. Then it worked for one run and now the problem is back

Ok that is good.

Is there any other device that connect to the HR strap, like a computer or the Phone. Check in the Bluetooth devices that there is no connection to the HR strap.

Have a look here.

How long do you wait for the signal? I see something similar with my HRM-Dual when it is initially picked up by Zwift: it’s recognized but reads 0 bpm. After a few seconds, maybe sometimes a minute, it eventually starts reading.

mine had issues too and was dropping a lot. don’t wear synthetic clothing it causes static eletricity on the sensor