HRM Dual No Signal


All new to this, but frustrated that my HRM Dual won’t connect to the app. Last week it was the sensor (since replaced that) I’ve turned all Bluetooth off on my garmin watch headphones etc like others advise. Any any help greatly appreciated.

Can you supply your full Zwift set up? Trainer? Other devices? What are you running Zwift on? etc.

Hi @Nigel_Tufnel, Saris Fluid Trainer, XOSS sensor and Zwift app just on my iPhone XR.

This could be due to the Zwift/iOS/Bluetooth issue that was introduced with last week’s Zwift update. I think that a new update was just pushed out this morning, so you might check for that, download it (when available), and then try again. Hopefully everything will work then. If not, though, please come back and let us know so that The Community can help to solve your issue.

Hello Nigel,

I have the same nightmare, my Elite Direto XR connect, and then I have the manualy pair my Wahoo Tickrx the light shows green on Zwift then it connect.
So, I think i can proceed with my training only to end up losing my HRM after 10-15 minutes into the ride.
I have change the CR2032 and always the same. I have disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth. close all bluetooth apps surroundly the trainer Ipad Iphone Ipod even my other PC running win 10. Only my Smart TV Samsung remains on with my laptop runnng Zwift .

Have you got any idea what it is I am doing wrong?

Thank you

Similar to Luca, I’ve done all of the above. I updated the app last night, jumped on this morning. Same. This time it said it was connected. Now not reading the HR. I turned my garmin watch on, picked Up the HR. HRM Dual new of 2 weeks. Essentially I’ve:

Turned Bluetooth off on my watch.
Disconnected the HRM from the watch & phone.
Updated Zwift

Not a battery issue either.