HRM stopped syncing to Apple TV

Hi, anyone have a step by step to get a HRM resynced? I have a Garmin. It worked fine for a few years and now won’t. Still works fine with my bike Garmin so it is not the HRM. Everything else syncs fine. I have a Wahoo Kickr no issues there

Hi @Karen_Montgomery

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Did you check that the HR monitor is ANT+ and Bluetooth. Most older Garmin HR monitors are ANT+ only.

For ATV you will need Bluetooth

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We are having a similar issue but we use a Polar H7 HRM and after the last update won’t connect anymore, use to work fine now Zwift won’t recognize it.

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I think is had to be Bluetooth since it did work fine for a few years.

Did you try to reset the HR monitor.

Also try a new battery.

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Thanks, had to reset the HRM,… kind of odd that the latest update kicked out the HRM.