HR chest band monitor not connecting

Hi all! I’ve been having trouble getting my HR monitor chest band to connect to Zwift, whether I use the companion app or directly through my Apple TV. Everything else connects just fine, and my HR monitor connects perfectly to my Garmin watch. Any advice on what I could be doing wrong?

Could you tell us what HRM you are having issues with.

Thanks Paul, absolutely, it’s a Dash chest strap, I’ve included a picture. It connected fine last season, and as I said, I used it everyday with my garmin watch. It connected to my watch just fine while I did my last swift ride, but it did not connect to the companion app.

Thanks again for your help!


If this is a Bluetooth HRM, it can’t be connected to your Garmin and Zwift at the same time.

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Is that a HRM specific thing? Because my cadence sensor is also BT and connects to both Zwift and Garmin at the same time, and last season I had both going at the same time including HRM. Is this something new?

I did try and connect to swift first, without starting my Garmin, and it also didn’t work.

The cadence sensor is probably connecting to Zwift via BT and to Garmin via ANT+. There are HR sensors that support multiple simultaneous BT connections though, at least the Polar H10 can connect to two devices at the same time (plus any number via ANT+).


Ok that makes sense, thanks!! I will try again later tonight. So basically I will start by connecting to Zwift first and ignore Garmin. And when connecting to Garmin I’ll just use the on board HR monitor.

That should do the trick then? If so, that must have been how I was doing it before and I’ve just forgotten.

Thanks again!!