Can't connect my HRM (Polar Vantage M) - help please!


Hoping for some help.

I am trying to connect the Polar Vantage M - HRM to Zwift, but it’s not working.

This is my set-up:

x Smart Trainer: Tacx Flux S, currently connected via BLE.
x Macbook Air

The Polar Vantage only works via BLE.

I understand that possibly, Zwift can’t handle two BLE connections at a time. But when I disconnect the trainer, just to try pairing my watch, it also doesn’t find it.

Does the watch communicate via the trainer? In that case I could just buy an ant+ sensor and connect the trainer via ant to zwift. If it doesn’t, however, then what do I do? My macbook also can’t find the watch via bluetooth. I’m starting to think this is hopeless.

THANKS! :slight_smile:


nobody knows? :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about Polar watches, so bear with me…

Do you know for certain that your watch will broadcast heart rate data for pairing with other fitness devices? DC Rainmaker says that it does not rebroadcast for pairing to a Garmin Edge head unit, which makes me think it might not work with Zwift either.

I have the Polar Vantage as well and have had other polar watches prior. The actual watch will not connect.
The chest strap should but I tried to connect mine the other day and have not paired it with the watch as the HR data on the watch is spot on but thought I’d try the strap too. I didn’t troubleshoot for too long but it never grabbed on Zwift. Maybe cuz I was using ANT connection come to think of it . I switched to Bluetooth the other day as Ant was dropping power too much so I bet it would work.
Key is to connect the strap to Zwift before you power your watch to workout mode. That way it won’t send to your wrist but just to Zwift.

Watch willnit directly connect . Only chest strap.


Thanks for sharing your experience!

I couldn’t actually get it to connect in the end since I don’t own a chest strap. I had to buy one in addition to an ant+ dongle.

Annoying. Another 60$ spent just to be able to get the HR going on zwift.

I don’t bother with the reading on the screen cuz really my wrist is pretty close to see heart rate :slight_smile:
And all that data goes to the watch and polar . But I guess some people like it right on screen. I always has issues trying to keep it on screen when I had my other polar watches that didn’t have as good wrist transmission but the Vantage is great.

Anyway enjoy.

No I didn’t care about that at all - but I want to race and most races require you to transmit your HR.

Only for the results maybe for seeing Data?

I haven’t noticed any difference not having it in a race.

Why did it require in a race ?