HR Strap transmit to both Zwift and Bike Computer

Hello All,

I was curious if anyone was using the heart rate monitors to transmit to both Zwift and a cycling computer.

Reason I ask: I currently have a Polar H10, Polar V650, and a Polar Vantage M. While I am loving Zwift, all of the Cardio Load Status tracking is not working for my workouts in Polar Flow, even when I enter in all the time, watts, HR, calories, etc manually which is super frustrating. Even more frustrating that Garmin allows full syncing of Zwift into Garmin Connect!

Anyways so my question is, is anyone able to transmit to both Zwift and a cycling computer. If I was able to do so, than the cycling computer would at least record HR and time throught the workout and track that as cardio load status.

I was curious if perhaps I had Zwift connect through Ant+ and the cycling computer through bluetooth or vice versa if that would get it to work. I do not currenly have an Ant dongle.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/feedback.

I connect my HRMs (Wahoo Tickr and Garmin Tri) to both my bike computer while bike and my watch while running. I believe there are a lot of people who do this for redundancy in case there is an issue with Zwift and for similar situation as you.

The Wahoo Tickr is duel band and the Garmin Tri is ANT+ only so I have no issues connecting to multiple devices.

I’ve paired my heart rate strap with my computer and my Garmin Edge 830. I’ve paired my Tacx Neo to both too. Main reason is that my Garmin calculates Training Load and other Firstbeat stuff, but Zwift hasn’t licensed it.

Are you using Ant+ for your connections to do so? Or is your computer using bluetooth?

I’m using ANT+, but I could use Bluetooth for both, or one for each.

Hmm, ok. I thought in my reading that the big advantage to Ant+ is that it broadcasts a channel that any number of devices can receive, as opposed to bluetooth which locks in a connection to only one device at a time.

thank you for your response

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Ah, yeah maybe you’re right. I thought Bluetooth pairing to multiple devices concurrently depended on the device in question, but that might not be the case. Wahoo say you can’t do it with the TICKR for example.

An ANT+ dongle is cheap though, so would seem to be a straightforward workaround.

Yeah I just ordered one off amazon. Thanks again for the feedback!

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Thanks for your response

Hi Sam,
I think the H10 can both transmit and record your workout. I think you need your phone to make this feature happen via a Polar app. Maybe that would work for you.

Garmin HRM-Dual should do this:
you’ll have two Ble channels and Ant+ broadcasting, so you should be able to connect to multiple devices.