Advise on heart rate monitor

Hello there, I’m a bit new and this is my first time to post here. Lately my workouts on Zwift, my apple watch heart rate kept disconnecting once i started even though it was connected when at the initial prompt of connection. Since I have already started I didn’t want to stop just for it. So I just instead click on the indoor cycling workout which was already 10 mins in.

My question is, for those apple watch users, do you instead use a separate heart rate monitor?

I also have a Garmin Forerunner 220 with a separate Garmin HR monitor. Can I use that to monitor my workout instead? Does Garmin watch connect to Zwift?

Hope someone can advise me on this. Thank you so much in advance!

Get a HR strap. Your 220 may have come with one.

I have been using the Garmin HRM strap that came with my 935. It’s been great.

Polar H9 or H10 are good.
What device are you running Zwift from and how far is it from ur Apple Watch?
I didn’t think Apple Watch was compatible with Zwift (can use it to track your HR seperately though if you want).

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Your Forerunning 220 likely came with an ANT+ only HR strap, no Bluetooth, as it predates dual BLE/ANT+ HRMs being offered. Assuming you’re running Zwift on a device that doesn’t have ANT+ capability, you need a new external HRM - and I’d strongly recommend one. AppleWatch doesn’t play nice with Zwift.

Seconding the recommendation for the Polar H9 or H10 - nothing is as reliable or accurate.

thank you! it did came with Garmin HR but I can’t find it anymore after moving. So per your recommendation I got myself the Polar H9 and it easily connects to Zwift now! Will try it riding later today.