Plans to integrate with Garmin wrist mounted HR sensors?


I cannot imagine I’m the only person with a Garmin wrist mounted HR monitor (Garmin 935) and am wondering if Zwift has any plans to integrate with those?

As much as I like to race on Zwift, it is frustrating to be filtered out of the Zwift Power results for not having an associated HR for my ride. I got this great device for Christmas and I feel bad for my wife when I tell her I didn’t get an official result on Zwift because the HR monitor on my Garmin isn’t integrated with Zwift.

Thank you and hopefully this is something you all can address at some point.


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If you use ANT+ you can set your watch in broadcast mode and send your HR data to zwift. Garmin cant broadcast on Bluetooth

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Thank you, Gerrie.

But if I use the Companion to transit via Bluetooth then I’m out of luck, huh?

No way getting a feed back from Garmin Connect with the HR info from during the workout window?

That is correct. The 935 will not broadcast HR via Bluetooth. Zwift cannot do anything about that.


Following up on this question, I plan on buying a ANT + dongle in order to transmit my HR data to Zwift. So my question is this - if I use the Companion app for everything now, can I continue to do that while using the ANT + dongle to just transmit the HR info? If so, how do I set this up if you don’t mind taking a few minutes to walk me through it?

Thanks so much !!

Sorry…one more question. Should I be getting a ANT + USB for the computer or an ANT + for my phone? Sounds like am iPhone adapter is a pain in the neck so my preference would be to get one for the computer and go the USB route but want to make sure this is doable.

Thank you.

What are you running Zwift on? It should get picked up in the pairing screen if you have an ANT+ dongle on your laptop for example, should be quite simple.

You can mix and match Bluetooth and ANT+ without issues. So in short you can still use the ZCA for all Bluetooth device and the ANT+ dongle for your HRM.

BTW, the Zwift Companion App links to the Zwift App over your local network, NOT Bluetooth.

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You would get the ANT+ dongle and USB extension for your laptop. The iPhone cannot be used to bridge ANT+.

If your other devices are also ANT+ I would suggest connecting everything to the ANT+ dongle and avoid Bluetooth. you will end up with a more stable/robust setup in my opinion.

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Thanks for asking. I think this is a great question.

I have a Kinetic trainer that has to connect to my phone via Bluetooth so I then use the Companion app to connect to zwift on my computer. It runs fine but now that I’m racing more, I see that I’m getting filtered out of many races on Zwift Power due to not having a verified HR. I know you all are involved in but it is nice to get some results relative to the other Zwifters :slight_smile:

Given that setup, can I connect with the HR sensor on Zwift via the ANT + and the power and cadence sensors via the Companion and have no problems?

In theory that should work just fine. As @Paul_Allen mentioned above, you might be better off if the trainer can also use ANT+, if it can, get a usb extension cable too so the ANT+ dongle can be right next to the trainer.

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Thanks, guys.

I’ll go that route and if i have issues, I’ll check with Kinetic about just going ANT+ for everything.