Garmin Forerunner 935 - No Heart Rate Data on Zwift?

Hi All,

I have noticed my Zwift rides have no HR data. The HR monitor I use is my Garmin Forerunner 935 watch.

Is this because the Forerunner 935 doesn’t connect to Zwift HR reader via Bluetooth?

Or am I missing something with my connection?


935 only transmits ANT+ HR when set to broadcast mode.

Broadcasting on BLE is only a newer/higher end watch feature.

Honestly though do yourself a favor if you want to track HR, get a chest strap, they aren’t too expensive and are actually accurate. Light based sensors are far from responsive or accurate enough to really make any use of during sporting activities (unless you really just want super generalized data)

This page has details about which models support Bluetooth HR broadcast. If you run Zwift on PC or mac then you can add an ANT+ dongle. Some Android devices will work as well.

Hi @Anthony_Giuliano, In addition to the previous support received from our Zwift forum community. I want to share this article, where you can find Garmin watch models that work with Zwift.

Many other Garmin models work for transmitting HR to Zwift. The supported list is very short but the list of what people are actually using successfully is very long.