Pair Zwift Hub One with Forerunner 935

Hi Guys, I am thinking about buying the zwift hub one and have a newbie question about this.

I would lime to pair my garmin forerunner 935 with the hub, so that when I cycle I‘ll also have my HR in the data. And then - afterwards - have the zwift training also in my garmin connect account.

Are both requierements possible? Or will i need to track one activity on both accounts?

Thank you,

Just broadcast your forerunners ( like i do ) HR to zwift ( ipad, apple tv, pc whatever ). It will be detected as a BT device. Then sync to strave ( and connect within strave towards Garmin)


The FR935 only broadcasts HR in ANT+, it does not broadcast it in Bluetooth like the newer versions. If you’re using Zwift on a PC/Mac you can pair your watch directly to Zwift in game using an ANT+ dongle.

You can pair HR monitors directly to the Zwift Hub for bridging via Bluetooth but I don’t know if it does with ANT+ (I would guess it doesn’t but not sure).

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Looks like bridging the HRM is Bluetooth only…

Bluetooth HR broadcast requires the 945 or newer…


First I read it the way you did but then I wonder if it meant it would convert an ANT+ signal to BT for rebroadcast. I think you’re right but I don’t know.

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The Jetblack Volt docs are more concise and say that only BLE HRMs are supported. Probably same with the Hub.

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Dear all,

Thank you for your quick help. Thats really great.

What I don‘t know is how to proceed :laughing:.

Dont want to buy a new watch just because I change my indoor cycle set-up.

And i thought i could use my apple tv too.

Personally, if you really want your HR to be accurate, I would suggest buying an actual HRM, anyway. I have found that the HR coming from Garmin watches to be VERY suspect during activities. You can likely find a good one on Amazon, that will broadcast both BT and ANT+, at a reasonable price. I have a Coospo that, I think, cost around $30.

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Hi @Nigel_Tufnel,

yeah I know what you say, but i don‘t like a HRM around my chest :man_shrugging:

Maybe the solution is the ant+ dongle and i mirror my mac on the tv

I’m using a Coospo HW706 arm band HRM which I like better than my Garmin chest strap. It is optical like a watch, but fits better around the upper forearm.