Garmin Heart Rate Monitor - ANT

Im new to Zwift and just set up my Wahoo together with Zwift. Everything syncs perfectly except for my garmin heart rate monitor. Its ANT+ and works perfect with my Garmin 945 but I cannot get it to sync with Zwift. Can anyone help?

On what sort of device are you running Zwift? Is it possible that the device only has Bluetooth, or is too far away to receive the ANT+ signal?

Ive tried both my iphone and my ipad, the phone and ipad are sitting right next to me/in my hand. I was able to get the Garmin 945 watch heart rate to sync (watched a video on that with the virtual run activity), just not the heart rate chest strap.

And my ipad is older so I do not know if its too old to receive ANT signal, but that may be the case…

Both the iPhone and iPad are Bluetooth only and don’t have ANT+. You will need to get a HRM that broadcast in Bluetooth for it to connect to the iPhone or iPad.

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Thanks! My 945 connects so I will just use the wrist HR. Appreciate the help!

I just went through this myself. I had the old Garmin heart rate strap which is ANT only. I needed to buy the new Garmin HR dual. The original model only connects to watches and Edge units. Wahoo and Tacx require a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Similarly, I had to buy HR for normal work monitoring software via bluetooth.

I use my (ANT+) garmin heart rate strap all the time with Zwift. To do this you have to go into the FR945’s heart rate settings and turn on the broadcast function. This allows the watch to see the strap’s ANT+ signal and broadcast it out as BLE.

Okay, thank you!

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Once the FR945 sees the HR strap (I use the HRM-TRI), it should switch over to using only the strap data and not the optical HR sensor. I actually just leave the watch on a table near me so it doesn’t even have the opportunity to take a wrist-based measurement. DC Rainmaker notes the following here:
"What if I’m using an ANT+ chest strap with my Forerunner, will it re-broadcast that as Bluetooth Smart HR?

Yup. So let’s pretend you’ve got an HRM-TRI or HRM-RUN or classic Garmin chest strap. All of which are ANT+ only. This effectively turns them into Bluetooth Smart straps. The second you put on your chest strap, the Forerunner will use that value instead of the optical HR sensor (it turns off the optical HR sensor), and re-broadcasts the chest strap value as Bluetooth Smart. Cool, huh?"