Connecting Heart rate from Garmin forerunner 35 to Zwift

When I search on Zwift for heart rate monitor , nothing appears. I have switched watch to broadcast HR and also tried disconnecting the Bluetooth from garmin watch but still does not come up

Just an FYI, it broadcast HR in ANT+. What device are you running Zwift on?

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It’s a tracx trainer

I mean is it a PC, Mac, iOS, Android or AppleTV?

I was just using my iOS phone.

OK, since the Garmin 35 broadcast HR in ANT+ and Zwift on iOS is Bluetooth only it’s not going to work.

I would suggest getting a dual band chest strap like the Wahoo Tickr. It will be far more versatile and much more actuate than a wrist based HRM.

Hi Paul!
Is it possible to broadcast HR from a Forerunner 35 using Zwift on a Macbook with Ant + adapter?

Yes it is.

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I bought the ANT adapter for my mac but it doesn’t work. I think that the sensor function of the Forerunner 35 is for devices that transmit to the watch but that it does not transmit to the macbook. Could anyone check this out?

To make it broadcast out to zwift etc you need to put the watch in “broadcast” mode. You may also need to start an “activity” on the watch to get that to work - I’m not sure.

Instructions are apparently this


I’m perhaps being a bit stupid here, but do I need my Forerunner 35 at all for indoor cycling/zwift if I have an ANT+ heart rate device e.g. Polar OH1? The OH1 gives my HR, Zwift does the km’s, there’s nothing left for the watch to do.

The original poster didn’t have a dedicated HR device just the watch with built in HR which only broadcasts if you tell it and only to ANT+ which iOS can’t see.

If your HR monitor is sending HR to your zwift device then no you don’t need the watch for zwift.

Just make sure when you finish zwift it uploads the activity to the same place as the watch would. Most people want all their data in the same place for fitness tracking. So if you use garmin’s/strava’s website then make sure that is added to zwift.

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