Garmin Forerunner 235/Galaxy Watch 4

Hello - is it possible of use either of the above as a HR monitor for zwift?

Managed to pair the garmin cadence and speed sensors with no issue, a HR monitor would be nice also.

There seemed to be some workaround with varying degrees of success a while ago, what is the most reliable and straight forward method?

What device do you run Zwift on and what protocol are you using for speed and cadence?

Windows 11 laptop connected bluetooth.

The 235 only supports ANT+ for HR broadcast, not Bluetooth. You can add an ANT+ adapter to your PC, or replace the watch with a 245 or newer. The ANT+ adapter should be used with a USB extension cable. Cost should be around US$20 for that.

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I forgot you mentioned the Galaxy watch. I think you can broadcast heartrate with that device using this app

excellent thank you, I will try that one.