Trying to connect my Heart Rate Monitor to Zwift

Can the Garmin 920 XT heart rate monitor be connected to Zwift from my Wahoo? Or do I have to buy a wahoo heart rate monitor?

Thank You


The Garmin 920xt is a multi sport watch that does not have a built in heart rate monitor.

if you are asking if a Wahoo heart rate monitor can be connected to Zwift the answer is yes. The Wahoo Tickr broadcasts in both Ant+ and BLE so you can use any platform for Zwift. The 920xt CANNOT act as a bridge for any of the singles though. 

Thank You for the feedback. I really thought I would be able to utilize the Garmin strap heart rate monitor but it sounds like I will need to invest in an additional Wahoo heart rate monitor.  

Thank you again


You can use your Garmin heart rate monitor but you will need an Ant+ dongle in your computer since Garmin is Ant+ only. Many people use Garmin heart rate monitors within Zwift.

Ok Gotcha! I just switched my order ;). And cheaper! Thanks!



Paul, my Kinetic bluetooth heart rate strap died and from what I’ve ready, they’re generally fussy overall. I use the MobileLink app to transmit Kinetic rock and roll trainer and the HR strap data to my Macbook. 

I also have a Garmin heart rate strap, which seems like it’s built better anyway. Would I be able to use that if I got the Ant+ dongle you mentioned in combination with the trainer’s bluetooth? In other words, mix and match?


Yes you can mix and match Ant+ devices with BLE devices.


I use my iphone for zwift (and then an Apple TV to broadcast to my TV) not a PC. If I get an ANT+ dongle will it allow me to use my Garmin HR monitor with Zwift via my iPhone or does that combo only work with a PC?

All Hale, do you know if your setup would work (apple TV) with my 2012 27" Mac (getting conflicting advice from Apple Support). I have a new Neo, an iPhone 5s and my Mac computer. Using Zwift just on my iPhone at the moment via bluetooth and having the same issue with my Garmin HR chest belt?


The Garmin HRM is ANT+ only so you would need to use a Lighting to 30 pin and a Wahoo ANT+ key or buy a Wahoo Tickr which broadcast in both BLE and ANT+.

Thank you Paul Allen most helpful…


Can you elaborate on how to use the Wahoo Ant+ key to get my Garmin wrist heart rate connected to Zwift?  I use my iPad for Zwift.  I have the Wahoo Ant+ and 30 pin adapter plugged into the iPad but can’t figure out how to get Zwift to see it.  Are there other apps that need to be involved?  Thanks!

What Garmin watch? If it has a built in HRM you will need to go into the settings and have the heart set to broadcast, you might want to google how to do it. Just an FYI wrist based HRM are not nearly as accurate as a chest strap, they can be up to 10% or more off.

I have the Fenix 5. I did have the HRM in broadcast mode. Is all you do with the Wahoo Ant+ adapter is plug it in?