Connecting Heart rate monitor to Iphone XS

Hi, my intetion is to use zwift only with my iphone. I have an Taxc Neo 2T, an Garmin TRI heart rate monitor and a ANT+ Dongle. When starting Zwift on my iphone the Taxc Neo 2T connects but the heart rate monitor from Garmin is not. I bought a Lightning to USB adapter for my Iphoen and attached the ANT+ dongle to it but Zwift does not find the heart rate monitor. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Zwift on mobile is Bluetooth only and the Lightning to ANT+ adapter is no longer supported by Apple.Your best option is to get a duel band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr.

The ANT+ dongle the OP is trying to use has never worked with IOS devices. He has the USB ANT+ dongle which is PC only I believe.
He would need the Wahoo ANT+ key and an Apple 30 pin to lightning adapter. This combo still works. I’m using it to connect an ANT+ heart rate strap to my iPhone Xr. Apple did break compatibility with the Wahoo ANT+ key a couple of years ago with one of their updates, but it has since been fixed. I’m not sure which update fixed it.
All that said, the OP is better off getting a dual ANT+/BLE heart rate monitor as the Wahoo ANT+ key cost as much as a new heart rate monitor. Also, there is no ANT+ FE-C with the Wahoo ANT+ key either. So no trainer control.

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Just because it now works for you and a handful of others does not make it supported.

Like I said and I believe you agree the best option is a duel band HRM.

You are lucky then if this still works for you.
It isnt supported now and wont be again.
Need BLE heart rate monitor or dual ANT+/BLE which is univeral hrm especially when have garmin smart watch (ANT+ only) and iPhone (BLE only).

I never said it was supported. Apple hasn’t supported the Wahoo ANT key since they did away with the 30 pin connector.

I know bought a dual hrm from garmin and it works fine.